Stirling and Hills Garden Club: 

A group of gardening enthusiasts who love to talk and hear about all things ‘garden’.

Over the years speakers have come and talked about such diverse topics, as: bats, bromeliads, composting, endangered birds, ferns, fungi, mulch, plant collecting, pruning, rare fruit, roses, soils and weed identification.

Our members have a wealth of knowledge about gardening, the best plants to grow and much more.
If you live in, or near, the Adelaide Hills come and join in the fun.

Capparis-spinosa-Bush Caper.jpg

Next meeting

Thursday 24 June 2021

Butterfly attracting plants: Caterpillars, Butterflies & Moths and their food plants in Southern Australia. Presentation by Gil Hollamby, BCSA Membership Officer Butterfly Conservation SA

Image: Capparis spinosa - attractive for Caper Butterfly Belenois java teutonia  


Coming up - Winter Solstice

Saturday 19 June 2021

Club bonfire evening is being planned. Watch this space


Regular Meetings in 2021

Meetings on 4th Thursday of every month have resumed at the Aldgate Village Well - unless notified otherwise.
Full 2021 program can be found here

image: Elaeocarpus reticulatus (Blueberry Ash Tree)

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 Show Bench

Every month, members bring up to 3 flowers from their gardens. Previous Show Benches, give a snapshot of what plants flower in hills gardens in each month.
View here
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Where and When
When:  Every 4th Thursday

Time:   Doors open 7.15 pm

            for 7.30 pm start

Where: Aldgate Village Well         

 54 Strathalbyn Road, Aldgate, SA 

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New members are always welcome. Current members are a friendly mix of novice gardeners to experienced horticulturalists all willing to learn and share. 

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Aldgate Village Well   
54 Strathalbyn Road, Aldgate