Our Meetings Program 2022

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Stirling & Hills Garden Club
Programme 2022
January to July

20 January
5pm Karkoo Nursery
18 Oakwood Rd, Oakbank SA
Exclusive afterhours visit to Karkoo Nursery with platters of food for supper at a cost of $20 per head.
There will be an additional charge if ordering drinks.
Karkoo will provide a discount on any purchases

24 February
7.30pm Village Well
‘Smaller Eucalypts for Gardens’

presented by Dean Nicolle founder of the Currency Creek Arboretum which undertakes Arboriculture, Botany, Ecology and Eucalypt Research.
Bring in branchlets to be identified by Dean.

24 March
7.30pm Annual General Meeting Village Well 
‘Scott Creek Conservation Park Fire Recovery’

presented by Peter Watton. Peter’s presentation will focus on the impact of the fires, the recovery so far and the benefit of the $1,000 the club donated to The Friends of Scott Creek CP.
28 April
7.30pm Village Well
‘Organic Gardening of Vegetables’

presented by Neill Schubert of ‘Barrow & Bench’ Unley Rd, Malvern.
26 May
7.30pm Village Well
‘Plant Propagation ’

Ollie Graham from Valley Horticulture, Mylor will talk on propagation or grafting & winter pruning of deciduous plants cuttings.
29 May
Location and time to be advised by email
‘Cuttings Day’

A day of sharing cuttings, bulbs or rhizomes. Learn how to propagate and collect plants of interest from other members' gardens.
23 June
7.30pm Village Well

‘Bees, Lacewings and other beneficial pollinators’
presented by Jenny Deans. This will include a demonstration of how to build native bee home which will be a bit of fun!
28 July
6.30 -10 pm Village Well
‘Winter Warmers’

A winter night of fun and delicious warming food.
Members only -  bring a dish of soup, main course or desert to share

25 August

7.30 pm Village Well

‘Seed Germination’

Matthew Coulter from Mt Lofty Garden will talk on seed germination

22 September

7.30 pm Village Well

‘Native Food Plants for Gardens’

Mike and Gayle Quarmby from the Native Food Nursery will talk about native food plants suitable for gardens. Possible visit to their garden.

27 October


Regular meetings are held monthly on the 4th Thursday at Aldgate Village Well, 54 Strathalbyn Road, Aldgate
Other events outside of regular meetings may be listed from time to time on the Home or Events tabs.