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CFS Fact Sheet - Fire Retardant plants

While no plant is completely fire resistant, some plants are more flammable than others, a quality that may be relevant for planning and growing in our hills gardens.

Given the right conditions - ALL plants will burn

The CFS have provided a fact sheet with information about this topic and a list of plants that are more difficult to burn.

To access fact sheet - Click here

The Adelaide Hills Council has also provided a useful Native Habitat Gardening Guide for low flammability gardens. Click here

Atriplex -salt bush

Atriplex halimus

(Mediterranean saltbush)

Gardening Clubs of Australia

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Good Gardening with Jon Lamb

Sign up for a weekly newsletter filled with gardening tips and information about what to plant and when. Jon also provides a comprehensive calendar of upcoming gardening events.

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Sophie Thompson - ABC's Gardening Australia SA presenter

Sophie shares her enduring love affair with plants and gardens

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Rare Fruit Society

Growing foods and plants from the four corners of the globe. Read more here.

Diggers Gardening Club

Gardening advice for growing the edible and the beautiful. Sales of seeds and plants and fact sheets. Click here.

ABC's Gardening Australia

Gardening Australia provides horticultural and gardening advice

Click here to find Gardening Australia's valuable resource for gardeners.

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